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About Lang Systems

Lang Systems has been operating since 1980 and has continued to provide consulting and information systems for the commercial real estate industry for over 30 years.

Currently the commercial real estate information industry is controlled largely by only two firms. These companies rely on the brokers to supply them with data and images. We are supplying an alternative to this at a lower cost. Lang Systems can provide the data that you need. Also we can provide a system where you can maintain your own data.

Our services is a web-base product that provides extensive information on retail store fronts.

1) Ability to create on-the-fly stylized block-front maps that contain every individual store front on a block.
2) Grid searches street by street , both uptown and downtown (below 14th street).
3) Ability to confirm space availability with the listing broker via e-mail.
4) All reports and printouts are presented as PDF files.
5) Modification of listing data for the purpose of presenting a PDF to a prospective client.
6) All reporting has your name and logo on the print out.

If you would like to view a demonstation, click on Contacts from the menu, fill out the form and we will get back to you.

Thank you for your interest in our product.